Dry Steam

Optima Steamer

Looking for a way to up your sanitizing game?

Try dry steam!

Mamady Kaba, Owner / CEO, Wash N Roll Steam Detailing

The Optima Steamer

  • Clean and sanitize with barely any water
  • Enables you to sanitize without chemicals
  • Conveniently plugs into 110V and burner is fired by diesel
  • Remove paint from areas that can’t get wet
  • Tested to kill many food-borne pathogens
  • Useful for many industries:
  • Enables you to run 2 guns at the same time

Alkota Dry Steam Generator

Alkota Dry Steam Generator
  • Capable of running up to 100′ of steam hose
  • Industrial design with simple maintenance
    • Many same burner components as a home furnace
  • Pump driven by 110V and burner fired by diesel
  • Generates an impressive amount of steam
  • Check out our demo steaming out a drum
  • Check out our demo steaming a car rim
  • A bigger version of this machine is available that could run hundreds of feet of hose