Industrial / Softwash Chemicals

Brown’s Equipment & Supply Co. also carries many industrial strength chemicals for various applications:

Brown’s Super Super Brick Cleaner

  • hydrofluoric acid mixture for brick and masonry; almost magic results with the product. It will restore brick back to its original color.


Big Rig

  • Heavy duty degreaser capable of removing 5th wheel grease off of a tractor-trailer. An excellent all purpose cleaner as well for flat work, buildings, and various other surfaces. Available in 5 gallons or 55 gallons. Much stronger than F9’s Double Eagle and more economical. Good for soft washing applications.

Brake Away

  • Powerful degreaser, approximately twice as strong as Big Rig. Can be used for cleaning restaurant hoods caked with grease or dumpster areas. It’s a serious degreaser for the worst jobs. Available in 5 gallons.

Skunk Out

  • Heavy deodorizer which will take away the worst smells, including urine. Also excellent for masking the smell of bleach (SH) and acids used for soft washing. Much more powerful than Apple Wash and comparably priced. Available in gallons.

Road Warrior

  • Heavy duty degreaser and good all purpose degreaser. It works well for truck, flat work, or structure washing as well. Available in 5 gallons or 55 gallons

Bleach-O-Colada Softwash Surfactant

  • Heavy Deodorizer / Surfactant with the pleasant smell of Pina Colada. Approximately a 1/4 gallon does 5 gallons of SH, and rinses easily. No need for two different products. Let Bleach-O-Colada be your softwash superhero! Now available in gallons and fives

Just Suds Softwash Surfactant

  • Bare bones economical surfactant. Adds suds to help bleach clean and stick better, plus stretches far about 1/4 of a gallon does 5 gallons or more. Cheap and effective makes Just Suds your economical softwash superhero.

Concrete Cleaner & Etch

  • Hydrochloric acid mixture that restores concrete back to its original white finish. Available in 5 gallons or 55 gallons

520A Paint Stripper

  • Industrial grade paint stripper which is excellent at removing a few layers of paint at a time on various surfaces. It’s a quick acting stripper that works instantly so you can see exactly how effective the product will be instead of waiting for a full day. Available in one gallon cans and five gallons.